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Wedding Photographer in Sorrento | Michelle & Brad

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Wedding Photographer in Sorrento, Michelle & Brad

I really enjoyed working as Wedding Photographer in Sorrento for Distinctive Italy Weddings following and capturing the essence of the Big Day of Michelle and Brad.

They are a really nice American couple. They left Chicago, Illinois in the U.S, dreaming of their wedding in the amazing Sorrento Coast.  The day started in a very relaxed atmosphere with Bride and Groom getting ready in Hotel Villa di Sorrento. Then, we all moved to the beautiful Villa Antica Mura where Michelle and Brad had their symbolic wedding and moving ceremony celebrated by their very best friend David.

The reception and the dinner were held in the Villa itself with a stunning sea view!  As the harsh sun went calmly down in the late afternoon we took the advantage of the key position of the Villa to have some photo-shooting right by the sea! 

Wedding Photographer in SorrentoPin ITwedding-photographer-in-sorrentoPin IT
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wedding photographer in sorrentoPin IT
wedding photographer in sorrentoPin IT
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    1001weddings - Awesome!Your photos are full of vivid emothions and real spirit of wedding!!!I really like the freshness of your photos!ReplyCancel

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