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Here you can find the most frequently asked questions I get asked. if you still don’t find an answer to your question here, please contact me and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible


How would you describe your style of photography?

I do not like labels that often are assigned to a wedding photographer. My way of shooting is based mainly on reportage wedding photography, through a candid and unobtrusive approach capturing special and beatiful moments as they unfold on your wedding day, with no imposed or artificial shots. I like to complete this documentary approach with some creative portraits of bride and groom.

Where do you mainly work? are you available to travel?

I am a wedding photographer based in Rome in Italy but I work all over the country as in Sicily, Amalfi Coast, Sorrento, Tuscany, etc. I can go wherever there is a special story to tell ..even abroad. I love travelling and getting know new sights and new people!

We do love Reportage Wedding Photography, but we would also like some more formal group shots with relatives and friends.. is that possible?

Sure, altough the core of the wedding photography service is based on reportage and on a natural approach, we can set up a 10-15 mins session of more formal group shots if you desire so. I suggest this shooting not to take longer in order not to loose better opportunities for more authentic and emotional photos.

We are fine with unposed documentary style of shooting, but.. we also like to have some nice couple portraits of we two together.. without having our guests to wait too long for us.. 

This is possible. As previously said, I often propose a short Bride and Groom portrait photo session just after the ceremony and just before the wedding reception starts. This session will unfold very naturally with a 15 mins walk of you two in some beautiful and evocative location. Sometimes a few and natural posing directions can be given to you by the photographer in order to achieve some stunning creative couple portraits as these 

Do you work alone?

I can work alone for small and intimate weddings, but for larger and longer weddings I normally work with a second photographer (a professional photographer not a mere assistant) to better cover all the situations that may happen during your wedding day. 

How many pictures do you take at weddings and how many will be delivered to us?

The exact number of pictures is not easy to be foreseen. It depends on the wedding itself, on what happens, on the features of the photography service chosen (1 or 2 photographers). Also, I do for you a severe editing of the shots so to be sure to deliver to you only those pictures that better tell the essence of the day . My job is not to produce the highest number of pictures as possible but to return to you the reportage of your wedding day thurough the best pictures I can produce. Normally this number vary from 300-400 to 600. All the pictures will be delivered at full resolution with full printing rights.

Do you shoot also Video?

I can suggest very good videomakers that work with the same style and approach. Of course you can choose your own videographer but it is important that some key criteria are met and satisfied so to allow me to work at the best in making pictures. Videomakers that work with big and heavy cameras, artifical lights or obtrusive approach can often severely reduce my choice of angles when shooting preventing me de facto to do my job at the best in catching a moment or an emotion that last a fragment of a second.

How long in advance shall we contact you for our wedding day?

There is no a strict rule. There are some dates that are very busy and these dates are booked very easily before others. If you plan to marry on a weekend from June to October you should choose your wedding photographer even 10-12 months in advance. If you get married on weekday or in a diffent date, shorter time may be enough. Anyway, just try to get in touch and verify directly with me, I will reply as soon as I receive your messagge.

What is your booking procedure?

Once you have contacted me  – by mail, phone or website dedicated form – and I have confirmed my availability for you day, we will arrange a consultation at my studio in Rome so that I can find out more about you and your wedding and I can show you more of my work and album solutions I can offer. I alway prefer to book dates meeting you in person, but if this is not possible because of the distance, I would like to have a skype video chat or a telephone call beforehand. Once you decide I am the right wedding photographer for you I will require a completed and signed booking form from you along with a retainer fee to freeze the date for you. 

Can you pencil the date for us for a while? we would like to think upon it a bit more..

Unfortunately I receive many requests and I do many consultations with couples. I cannot hold dates as I operate on a first-come, first-served basis only.

How can we sure that you will be personally present at your wedding?

The booking form will provide you guarantees on this. I believe and work on quality over quantity so I take only one wedding in a day and only a certain number of weddings per year so to be sure I can give all the best of myself on them. I will personally follow all the phases of your wedding photography service, from the first consulation meeting, to the shooting, the digital perfection of the photos, the album design and the delivery.

When will our images be ready? and the album?

I normally deliver proofs in 8-10 weeks. If you choose not to have an album, the high resolution photos will be delivered within the same timing. Albums are delivered in 2 months from the date of your online approval of the proof.

Do you post produce the images?

Yes, the post production is a key element of my job and is a distinctive aspect of my style imagery. I normally work 40-50hrs on each wedding so to be sure I can have the best from your pictures enhancing them in terms of saturation, color, lights, contrast, black and white.

Do you have some special need on the day of the wedding?

My primary need is that you can live your wedding day with full joy and emotion. This will make my job easier and will help me in returning to you a true and emotional story telling of that day. .. also, I will need to sit down for a short time and eat and drink something so to recharge my batteries and renew my energies to complete the coverage of your long wedding day 🙂