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Engagement shooting in Rome

Engagement shooting in Rome.. what else?

What a wonderful wedding day anticipation is to take a relaxing Engagement shooting in Rome!?

This is exactly what Marina, Emiliano and I though when they booked my service as wedding photographer for their big day in September 2016.

It was a strange day. We dated on the most sunny week of this late spring in Rome but 10 minutes after we met to take photos, it began raining as hell!!

Nevertheless I must admit that this half-a-day was amazing! The first thing Emiliano and Marina told me when we met was they were a bit shy and not so comfortable in front of the camera. I though ” OK, let me take your hands and do it!” . At the end of the day, I could not avoid thinking and telling them “wow! how can you say you are shy in front of the camera??! :)” .  They really took 4 minutes to get used to my presence and free their emotions and their sane passion one for the other!  Of course , their freshness, love and passion inspired me a lot in taking pictures and everything was smooth and easy at the end!

The trial was good I think.. now we look forward to the Wedding day in the beautiful  Villa Appia Antica !! : ) Stay tuned on #EM2R_wedding and get back soon here to discover more on their wedding website!


Engagement shooting in RomePin IT

Engagement shooting in RomePin IT
Engagement shooting in RomePin IT
Engagement shooting in RomePin IT
Engagement shooting in RomePin IT
fotografo-roma_foto-di-coppia-roma_006.JPGPin IT
fotografo-roma_foto-di-coppia-roma_007.JPGPin IT
fotografo-roma_foto-di-coppia-roma_008.JPGPin IT
fotografo-roma_foto-di-coppia-roma_009.JPGPin IT
fotografo-roma_foto-di-coppia-roma_010.JPGPin IT
fotografo-roma_foto-di-coppia-roma_011.JPGPin IT
foto di coppia a romaPin ITfotografo-roma_foto-di-coppia-roma_013.JPGPin IT
fotografo-roma_foto-di-coppia-roma_014.JPGPin IT
fotografo-roma_foto-di-coppia-roma_015.JPGPin IT
fotografo-roma_foto-di-coppia-roma_016.JPGPin IT
Engagement shooting in RomePin ITfotografo-roma_foto-di-coppia-roma_018.JPGPin IT
fotografo-roma_foto-di-coppia-roma_019.JPGPin IT
fotografo-roma_foto-di-coppia-roma_020.JPGPin IT
foto di coppia a romaPin ITfotografo-roma_foto-di-coppia-roma_022.JPGPin IT
fotografo-roma_foto-di-coppia-roma_023.JPGPin IT
fotografo-roma_foto-di-coppia-roma_024.JPGPin IT
fotografo-roma_foto-di-coppia-roma_025.JPGPin IT
fotografo-roma_foto-di-coppia-roma_026.JPGPin IT
fotografo-roma_foto-di-coppia-roma_027.JPGPin IT
fotografo-roma_foto-di-coppia-roma_028.JPGPin IT
fotografo-roma_foto-di-coppia-roma_029.JPGPin IT
fotografo-roma_foto-di-coppia-roma_030.JPGPin IT

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